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A good translation depends on expert knowledge and experience.
I consciously do not offer my services for all fields, but rather concentrate on the subjects I am familiar with. Thus, I specialise in the following areas:

• Law:
Notarial and other official documents (only French), contracts, court 
decisions, legal texts, expert reports, labour agreements, etc.

• Business and finance:   
Corporate documents, commercial register excerpts, company profiles, marketing, bonds, guarantees, articles of association, etc.

• Europe and international issues:  
EU guidelines, human rights, ILO-provisions, etc.

• Medicine, pharmaceutics and cosmetics: 
Medical reports, expert reports, medical technology, medical and cosmetic products, etc.

• Insurance industry: 
Policies, reinsurance documents, claims settlement, etc.

Certified Translations
As a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the French language, I am authorised to translate and certify all types of official documents from French to German and vice versa. These translations can then be submitted to public authorities for legal purposes.

Quality Assurance
Upon its completion, every translation is checked for accuracy of content and appropriate style and, if necessary, proofread by a second translator.

Translation as a creative task
Be sure to plan enough time for your translation projects, in order to supply the groundwork for excellent results. Quality takes time!


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